How you fit into the intranet lifecycle

I just wrapped a presentation for Ragan where I talked about intranet lifecycle and wanted to share one of my favorite components of the presentation: Identifying where your organization fits into the intranet lifecycle.

While I talked a bit about the lifecycle in past posts, this is a more light-hearted approach to help those individuals who do the heavy lifting (IT, site administrators, content managers, HR reps, etc.) orient themselves and prepare for next steps.

Here’s how I broke down each stage, including potential pitfalls. In a perfect world, we’re all “Holy Grails,” but obviously the world (and our businesses) are far from perfect.

Which one are you? I’d love to hear about your experiences in the comments below.

The Fighter

You’re actively working to launch a new intranet. It’s hard work but you’re making it happen. Reaching out to stakeholders, understanding employee needs, and hoping to meet project deadlines.

The Survivor

You recently helped launch one (and it may or may not be going well). Pat yourself on the back because this work isn’t easy. And remember: unhappy stakeholders are the loudest, so try not to take negative feedback too personally.

The Bandaid

Your company needs a new intranet but is not taking action for one reason or another (usually funding) and you’re helping to keep the existing one alive. You might feel like the little boy with his finger in the dam.

New Shiny Syndrome

You’ve been told your company needs a specific new tool or platform by someone in leadership. The rub? Your current intranet is fine or fixable, or the recommended tool is not a good choice for your organization.

The Holy Grail

Your company actually needs a new intranet, has funding, and is ready to move forward. Time to do the snoopy dance!