Habit 4 – Creating a Win-Win

Habit 4 of the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People is “Think Win-Win.” I’ve been avoiding posting here because I honestly have no idea what to write.

Win-Win Situations makes sense – in theory – but I have yet to see it used consistently in practice. I’ve seen companies come close but most miss the mark entirely because of Trust issues. Or because someone does not recognize that opportunities for constructive criticism are just that: opportunities. Creating a Win-Win is very delicately hinged on creating an environment of Trust and Respect.

Habit 3 – First Things First or Self-Managing

This chapter of Seven Habits of Highly Effective People (Amazon Affiliate Link) focuses on the practical day-to-day actions required to honor the principle-centered focus represented by Habit 2. After taking time to develop a personal mission statement, an over-arching focus for one’s life, Habit 3 offers practical advice to develop daily and weekly habits to improve time management and reinforce Habit 1, Be Proactive. Continue reading “Habit 3 – First Things First or Self-Managing”