Are you a Purple Cow?

Purple Cow is another instant Seth Godin classic.

The book discusses the importance of making your product or service remarkable. It reads like the series of thought-provoking blog entries it likely emerged from. (Find Seth Godin’s blog here)

Being remarkable has been on my mind lately. As a blogger working on multiple projects, I have to ask myself: Do I want this blog to be popular? What steps do I need to take? Can I really make this special to stand out from all the 5+ million blogs currently being published?

The world is inundated with stuff, most of it pointless. Even online, listserv subscriptions and spam rack up like old cars in the junkyard.

What can be done to eliminate all this waste and prevent more from racking up?

The only answer is mindfulness. Make your decisions consciously. Pay attention to what other people say. Being in the moment to catch the minor details. Flippant, casual interaction with the world creates worthless marketing, shallow social relationships and a vague but undeniable feeling of discontent.

Focus on the core of whatever it is you’re doing and with whomever you interact. They will remember it, you will remember them and being remembered is truly remarkable.