The Next “Big” Industry

Many think it’s Green Building.

Some think it’s robots.

Seth Godin thinks it’s sorting data.

I think it’s connection, and not the kind that enables your wireless internet network to work. I’m talking about human-to-human.

People are going to get tired of spending all their waking hours behind a screen and when they finally recognize that ache as longing for face-to-face connection, the people that create environments that foster connection – in business, play and love – will profit.

3 Replies to “The Next “Big” Industry”

  1. Before the idea of free hugs can work, we need a campaign to get Americans to stop considering things like hugs as ‘bad’ in our schools and our workplaces. I recall my niece being told not to hug other kids at her elementary school. At my daughter’s childcare the kids are close – like family. Hugs seem to be the norm between my daughter and her best buddies, but I fear what might change in kindergarten. At my previous company hugs and kisses on the cheek were the norm at international gatherings due to the European influence. Why can’t we learn from the Europeans or return to simpler times (age 4) when hugs were plentiful and acceptable?

    1. This is so true, great point! We all crave not just quality “IRL” time together, we crave physical connectedness. Blah to this puritanical cultural background.

      Before we get comfortable with allowing physical contact again, though, I think we need to take one step back and get used to looking each other in the eye. :)

      I love your feedback!! Thank you.

  2. I definitely agree. This subject is something I am actually very passionate about (relationship storage rather than building.. and free hugs). Online burnout will occur within all online “social” mediums that do not build in more ways to bring the relationship offline.

    Twitter has led me to some great relationships.. but the keyword here is led. Interactions are shallow online.. it’s not till the relationship is brought offline that it grows into something more than an online acquaintance. But, Twitter is doing a better job than Facebook which has little focus of online to offline. Social media will need to embrace ways to build stronger relationships online that will be more likely to transition to offline.

    I will be doing an Ignite talk on this at some point.. How society has been affected by technological “advances” in communication.. convenience of quick, short reply vs quality of in person interaction.

    The startup that I am building right now will be focusing on creating products to turn the trend of quick and convenient to quality interactions that lead to real life relationship building. We want to create disruptive, socially relevant and socially useful products.

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