How to Write a Handwritten Note in 2011

Step 1: Receive handwritten note from a friend!

Ooh! This one is from Italy!

Step 2: Open excitedly!

Papercuts make epic scars so go forth boldly!

Step 3: Read… also excitedly!

Step 4: Smile, or otherwise emote, in real-time!

Step 5: Grab a note card and pen to reply.

Using a Sharpie shows commitment.

Step 6: Actually reply.*

Step 7: Realize you’ve torn through the nearly indecipherable address! Pout accordingly.


Step 8: Type what you believe the address to be in the Google search engine based on the handwriting.

Step 8a: Get schooled by Google.

Note: The italics are to ensure that you feel completely patronized.

Step 8b:  Click on the address and see an image of the building your friend lives in as well as satellite images of their entire neighborhood.

Step 8c: Click again and see what time it is and find a nearby bus to take.

Step 8d: Feel like a creepy stalker on complete accident.

Step 9: Write corrected address on note and determine correct postage.

Tip: Go straight to the USPS website to find out because, let’s face it, Google was kind of a jerk about it before.

Step 10: Apply postage and drop in the nearest mailbox.


Optional Final Step: Write a blog post about it (low-resolution action shots optional). If you lack the time, you can simply complain about how creepy Google made you feel using Twitter. Or maybe via a Facebook update? Definitely not a G+ update, though. They already know way too much…

*This is a pretty critical step in the process.